The crack in my left elbow is a love song


The crack in my left elbow is a love song 

is a duet by violinist & storyteller Dolan Jones and me. We both have a fasciniation for shadow sides & secrets, let’s say… In this 25 min piece, a structured instant composition, we research the worlds hiding in the tiny sounds when we thought the body and the violin were silent. An ever changing dialogue of dance and music, movement and words, sound and silence. Inviting the spirits that were not invited and reflecting them through our instruments.

We dance to the cracks of our twisted limbs                           

to our breath breaking through

the fabric which falls from our bodies

We turn the mirror to show the dark background we need for reflection

                  the unknown sounds behind the melody

         the movements that come from hidden, undisclosed places.

There is no certainty in this gloom where we are only shadows of shadows


OT301, 17-12-15 photo Theo van Loon


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